Alright! So this is my first Devlog! The game is beach themed and may or may not have scrolling "in-between" rooms. What i mean is
if i have a room that has a tiled image/level, when going to next room it scrolls to the left? the game itself doesn't scroll but for the sense of animation the entire background shifts.  The game has d pad to move player and crank to collect metal, but has a twist or two... walking creates sand-walls, to make it puzzley... not sure how long (or short) this game will take to make, but i envision about 25 levels for a buck.

Any feedback welcome...

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Sep 06, 2023

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ok I'm workin on restart button. So far I have it restarting but it doesn't go to room 2 yet.. hmm. This restart is better than handcoding on enter each room the original tile position... I hope to keep fiddling... 

on cancel do

wait 0 then

fin "restart."

if"room1" then


goto 0,8 in "room1"


if"room2" then

goto 0,8 in "room2"


// goto 4,1 in "{room}"

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i'll just keep replying... OK it works now i have it go back to room0 with

on the player script: 

on cancel do

restart = 1

store "restart"

wait 0 then

fin "Restart"

// store "currentRoom"



and in room0:

on enter do

menu at x,y,w,h then

option "One" then

goto 0,8 in "room0"


option "Two" then

goto 0,8 in "room2"




i may not need some of these things but it works!

lifes a beach! Here is some beachy art i'm workin on. May add blankeys...

and here is a crowded beach level using all the assets. the beach starts off sparse but eventually get crowded. Some of these items are collectable like shovels and flipflop sandals but the others arent. Added black and white square blankets!!!

ah! once the beaches get full the tide comes in.I like this emergent feature, wiping away the clutter. Also added jellyfishies if you can see them... avoid them!

ok finished it! 45 levels whew. Download free demo. Buy if you like. Thanks!