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Thanks for the game. A faster loading version would be possible? 

your wecome. thats as fast as i could get with the engine i used... im looking into different engines for future c64 games! thanks again.

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Thanks to some faithful sceners there is now a working version of this game. You should be thankful for their work. The download currently offered here is not worth the money.

hey where is the fix? thanks

Released on CSDb. No public link there because game is "commercial".

ill be happy to switch their version if they send it to me

Is this original movie material that's been used here? I'm just thinking about copyrights... or is this a public domain movie?

hi thanks for the message. Sherlock Holmes entered the public domain in Jan. 2023,  This movie version also was public domain! Enjoy!

ok, nice! :-)

thanks. hey you make c64 game too cool! Do you use a game engine? Im always exploring different options.

no, wrote it on my own.

Using C64 Studio as IDE.


Will there be an update with a fixed version? 
On Disk 1 the last 6 pictures are missing.
Can you tell us the timestamps of the movie for the pictures, our post the missing pictures here?

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ah nice suggestion i shall post the missing pictures. Here are the pictures I could rescue, with matching sentences... 

ps Id be happy to update with the "Excess" version that was made, if i could get it! Thanks

Did you recognize that on disk 1 there are files with length 0 because disk was full?

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thanks for the message. i did notice it glitching a bit toward the end- it seems to be a limit with the game engine, so i had to make 3 separate parts to fit everything. Things got broke in the process, so this is the best version i have, its my first game on that c64 game engine...

what engine did you use?

hi i used BlocklyVN8bit - Make visual novels for 8-bit platforms with a visual language by haroldo-ok (