You are in a comic book... about to be cancelled!  So you can only travel in between panels! Collect your thought (bubbles) and avoid knock-out stars or you'll start over in this 3 level demo.. What do you think? Should I keep it more traditional manga entirely in black and white? The plot isn't fully fleshed out (it's just a demo) but depending on feedback could become full comic/game! Arrows to move, X to jump, Z to hide seen text. Enjoy!

StatusIn development
Rated 1.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorA Novel Approach
TagsComics, Game Boy, Manga, Retro


Download 163 kB


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Hay! How on earth you get grey tones in GB studio??? I lose my mind to figure it out!!

just made a monotone image (with lotsa "dithered" checkerboard pixels) and chose greys as the pallette!


great hope it helps.


In order for your entry to be judged in the gbcompo, you'll need to make a ROM file available for download. Thanks!

thanks fixed!!

The game currently has more than four colours and thus doesn't meet the criteria of GBjam. You still have time to fix it up before the deadline.

thanks fixed!!!